Play Guide



Entrance of our shop

Please visit our store in Shibuya and welcome your favorite companion.
Prepayment is also possible (2,000 yen to 3,000 yen).
*Credit cards are also accepted.


service time starts

Service time starts when you meet up with your companion in your room.
*You do not need to pay directly to the companion.



contact us

For reservations, please feel free to contact us by tel 03-6809-0821, Line, WeChat, or WhatsApp.


Information registration

We need some details to complete your booking.
- Companion selection
- Additional services
- your location
- method of payment.


service time starts

Service time begins when you meet up with your companion in your room.
*Advance payment must be made directly to the companion before starting the service.


Professional Japanese escort service with over 10 years of experience.

Girls must be under 25 and Japanese amateurs only.

1. We are native English speakers.
2. Before booking, let our staff know your specific needs so that we can match you with the best companion to meet your needs.
3. Tokyo Amateur Escorts is a legally licensed escort provider operating under the laws of Japan.


If any of the following occur, the session will be terminated immediately and the companion will be removed. No refunds will be given. Please note.

※ We do not serve unclean people.
People with sexually transmitted diseases. Also, cleanliness is a top priority. We will refuse service to those who are resistant to bathing or showering before treatment.
※ Drunk people and illegal drug users are not allowed.
※ Soliciting or coercing sexual intercourse is prohibited and illegal.
※ Voyeurism and recording are prohibited. That act violates Japanese law.